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Church of England Primary School

Small school, big hearts. Wise, Responsible and Kind like the Good Samaritan.

Activity 1

You can choose what you want to draw this week. Please draw a picture of either:


  • your weekend news

  • your visit to school and outdoor learning session with Miss Hatton


You might like to use some of the marks or the sound mat below. Remember to add lots of detail and ask your adult to scribe what you say about your picture.

Activity 2

We won't be seeing eachother for a while as it will soon be the Summer holidays. It is important that we keep in touch. Over the summer you might like to write a letter, card or postcard to a friend or Miss Hatton.


Remember to post your writing. I am sure it will make them smile. If you want to post anything to Miss Hatton  then please send it to:


Miss Hatton

Buckland CE Primary School

Summerside Road