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Activity 1


Home Learning last week was to write to Miss Peters who will be your new teacher.


Parents, we will not be doing this activity at school so if your child wants to let Miss Peters know a bit more about them then please ensure that they do their writing at home this week. Please bring any writing in to school by Thursday so that we can give it to Miss Peters before the summer holidays. 


Please spend some time this week writing all about YOU! You could write a letter to Miss Peters or just write some sentences that we can share with Miss Peters. 


You might like to write about: 

  • Where you live

  • What your hobbies are

  • What your favourite colour is

  • What your favourtie food is

  • If you have any pets

  • If you have any siblings

  • What you enjoy about school 

  • Any questions you might have about Miss Peters or Beech class. 


Remember to include your name and possibly even a picture/ photo so that Miss Peters knows who you are.  


Activity 2


If you have already done your writing to Miss Peters then you might like to write a card or postcard to one of your friends or Miss Hatton and send it to them over the summer holidays. 


Remember to post your writing. I am sure it will make them smile. If you want to post anything to Miss Hatton then please send it to:


Miss Hatton

Buckland CE Primary School

Summerside Road