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During Term 5, Little and Big Acorns have enjoyed using clay and paint to create something special for the school summer fete. I can't tell you more for now 😉, but they have been working hard, and their creations are truly beautiful.

We also had our first very wet session. Little Acorns had a great time jumping in a puddle of water. They found it hilarious when their boots filled up with water, and they laughed a lot. However, walking back to Acorns from the allotment with wet clothes and boots was a bit less enjoyable. Nevertheless, they have shown great resilience. The real challenge was taking off their wet socks 😊.

In the last few weeks, we have been fortunate to see our aromatic plants regrowing. We have thyme, lemon balm, and fennel that the children have been able to touch and smell.



Since their first session, our youngest children have spent time learning our Forest School routines with "Carotte". Carotte is our Forest School mascot, she knows so much about the Forest that we can be sure she is giving us the best advice to stay safe during the sessions.  

We learn how to walk safely in the fire area without crossing our pretend fire pit. When the children are ready, we may have the chance to light up a real fire. In the allotment, Acorns enjoy the tyre swing, climbing the cherry tree and developing their gross motor skills.

Both Little and Big Acorns have shown an interest in the mud during the winter season. They have been digging, adding water from the water tank, did some mud cooking and even mud sliding! 

At the end of the winter, we have been observant and the children have been encouraged to spot the early signs of spring. We spotted primroses, daffodils and a bird nest. Whilst walking silently, we heard some birds singing. No doubt, spring has sprang!

We also planted sweet peas in egg shells, we are hoping to plant them back in Acorns garden in a few weeks.  


This is our really popular Carotte, happy to have her picture taken with Suzie!