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Our science topic in Term 3 is light. We have started off by doing a light investigation using a box, some objects and a torch. The children put some objects under the box, poked a whole in the top and looked through it – they couldn’t see anything. They then added a few holes and looked again – still dark. They then put some holes in the side of the box and shone a light through the top, suddenly they could see an object, but not all of them. If they shone the torch through a hole at the side, they could see the opposite wall of the box. What did they learn? That darkness is the absence of light; light travels in straight lines; that our eyes need light in order to see. We also learnt some other amazing facts - light is the fastest moving thing in the universe; light we can see is visible light (white light) and a beam of light can be split into the colours of the spectrum by shining it through a prism – refraction (which also happens when sunlight shines through water droplets to create a rainbow.)