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Each year our school council is elected by pupils with representatives from each Year group. The school council meet regularly, feeding ideas back and gathering thoughts and opinions from their peers in a class council forum. In this way we ensure that every child in school has a voice. Recently the council have worked on our anti-bullying week, helping to improve our school grounds and our Rights Respecting School work. 


Fund raising is a big part of the council's role and they organise Children in Need, our Harvest Sale, Comic and Sport relief, funds and gifts for our Joshua friends as well as fast response events to fund raise when there are national and international crises.


School council is fun because you get to look around the school.

You get to organise fun raising events and lots more.

We get to leave the classroom to  do very important things.


The most important part is to suggest ideas that suit a range of different people. You have to think of what everyone in your year group likes and think of ideas that will get all of their interest. You also have to take into account ideas from your year. You always have to remember you are at school council on account of one year not two. Even if you are school council you are just as important as every other pupil and not their better.

In school council you do miss lessons but you occasionally have to make a poster or write something on the computer. School council is in the ICT suite so we don’t have to go through classrooms to access computers.


My advice for being in school council is that you can’t be shy to speak and you always have to remind yourself that the ideas go to the school and we raise money for the school.

I enjoy School council because you can come up with ideas and in a couple of months after you had come up with that idea it would be in the school. As being the acorns representative after each meeting you have to go and speak to them in a slightly simpler way then you would normally speak so they can understand.


The main thing that you must be is enthusiastic. You must be able to come up with plenty of ideas, not just to do with yourself, but to do with other people, for example, if you are sporty and someone suggests a non-sporty idea, you must agree and accept it. You must say the ideas that everybody may not agree with.

Personally, being year 6 representative, I take responsibility for year 6’s and also say there ideas. I am not very sporty, but if somebody suggests a sporty idea, I will always take it into account. I am very appreciative of other people’s ideas. I mainly enjoy school council because of all of the planning that we do, we plan things such as charity events and more recently, we have planned part of the summer fete.

People will take what you say into account, so you will have to be quick on your feet to think up ideas about how you can interpret the ideas. If other people in school council do not agree with your idea, you must let them have the same rights as you and perhaps try to make them do the idea.

Being in school council, year 5 and 6 representatives go to a special meeting where two of the representatives from Farringdon partnership get together and talk about the partnership.

Being nominated for school council is a real privilege, it shows that they trust you and they believe that you can do it.