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Please follow the link below for our sharing assembly today, the 22nd May. 


Our song today is I Will Bring To You The Best Gift I Can Offer. Please follow the link and the words are below.



Chorus: I will bring to you the best gift I can offer.

I will sing to you the best things in my mind.

Paper pictures, bits of string, I'll bring you almost anything,
I'll bring a song that only I can sing:
the rainbow colours in the sky, the misty moon that caught my eye,
the magic of a new-born butterfly.

I'll bring a song of winter trees, the skidding ice, the frozen leaves,
the battles in our snowball-shouting streets.
I'll bring you summers I have known, adventure trips and journeys home,
the summer evenings playing down our street.

I'll share my secrets and my dreams, I'll show you wonders i have seen,
and I will listen when you speak your name;
and if you really want me to, I will share my friends with you,
everyone at home and in my school