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Church of England Primary School

Small school, big hearts. Wise, Responsible and Kind like the Good Samaritan.

We woke up early - the children had slept well and were ready for a new day full of adventures. After breakfast of cereal and toast, we were met by Alan, our tutor for the day. We spent the morning cooking Roman food - sausages with herbs and vegetables; pottage with vegetables and beans; savoury and sweet bread, whilst the food was cooking on the open fire, we had a break and enjoyed playing amongst the trees outside our accomodation. The sun even came out for a while - it was lovely with some spring warmth. After this, the children worked together as Roman soldiers - marching and practising battle formations - busy, busy. Later, they all enjoyed tasting their Roman foods - they really tucked in - many asked for seconds and lots of them were surprised how much they enjoyed it.  Following our Roman meal, we had a 21st century picnic lunch in the sunshine. In the afternoon, we continued our Roman day - we enjoyed weaving and jewellry making; writing our names in latin in ink and making Roman clay lamps. Before dinner, the children had a lovely playtime - it was so good to see them all playing and just enjoying being outdoors together. In the evening, we had a delicious tea - they all really enjoyed the food, the food at Hooke Court never disappoints. Our last activity of the day was mosaic making in the attic room of the manor house - when the children went to bed, they were very tired after our busy, wonderful day.