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Day 2!


The children had a really good rest and first sleep at Woodlands. Some children were so exhausted and worn out from the previous day, they needed waking at 7.30am!


After breakfast, my group did the High Ropes, Climbing Wall and Zip Wire activity whilst Mrs Siedle and Mrs Brown's group went Canoeing. Those that stayed on site with me really pushed themselves. Even though some children were anxious and worried, they all had a go at what they could do, tried their best and set their own goals which was lovely to see. My group were really supportive of one another and encouraged those that were finding it tricky. Canoeists had a great time on the water. They had some skills training to begin with and learnt how to navigate on the river. They paddled throughout the day and played 'canoe netball' which sounds a lot of fun!


Other things to mention:

  • Bedrooms are mostly looking clean and tidy - we had some children hoovering bedrooms before breakfast today in order to win best bedroom!
  • Throughout the week, a group of 4/5 children are undertaking small duties in the dining hall before/during/after meals. They will all get a turn before the end of the week and have shown how responsible and independent they can be.


We all came together after dinner to go on a night orienteering expedition around the site!