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Church of England Primary School

Small school, big hearts. Wise, Responsible and Kind like the Good Samaritan.

"Creativity takes courage" - Henry Matisse


Curriculum intent 


Art in our school makes a significant contribution to the emotional and creative development of our pupils. We aim to give children the knowledge they need to understand key artistic concepts, tools and techniques, along with a rich experience and critical appreciation of the work of other artists. We encourage children to question, reflect and become inspired through studying the works of artists, craft workers and designers from a range of cultures and contexts, time and places. By looking at the work of other artists, children will be helped to understand that there is no “correct model” and that art is a wonderful response to the world around us. Through their growing knowledge and practical experiences with a variety of media, the children develop their creative and aesthetic understanding. We aim to encourage the children to take a pride in their own achievements and to respect their own and others’ work.  

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time" - Thomas Merton