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During Term 3, we have been learning about the Chinese painter Qi Baishi (1864 - 1957). He was particularly famous for his watercolour works. The children spent time reflecting on Qi Baishi's artwork, thinking about how it made them feel, what they liked and if there was anything they disliked. We learnt that in traditional Chinese art, the way in which the brushstrokes were used was often more important than the image itself. Artists tried to convey the inner life of the things they were painting (such as mountains, lakes or trees) through rhythmic brushstrokes. There are four plants - named the four gentlemen, which were particularly popular to portray: Orchid (represents spring); Bamboo (summer); Chrysanthemum (Autumn) and Plum Blossom (winter). We discussed why they each represented a different season and then focused on drawing bamboo followed by plum blossom. When the children felt more confident with their drawing skills, we moved on to painting with water colours. I think you'll agree that they created some wonderful art!