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Our School Prayer 


Dear God

Be with us in our school today

In our work and in our play

Be in our hearts, be in our minds

In all we do and say.

Teach us how to grow in love

Each and every day.


In January 2016 we had our school church inspection where we were delighted to receive outstanding.  


'pupils thrive in the Christian culture and ethos which this school creates, positively encouraging its pupils and preparing them exceptionally well for life.'


For the full report please follow this link 

What does spirituality mean at Buckland School?


Through our daily lives together and our explicit and implicit curriculum, we endeavour to develop our pupils’ and staffs’ spirituality. We see this as:


A sense of connection to others, to the wider world and to something bigger than ourselves. (Responsibility link)

Something which makes us feel deeply or moves us. (Wisdom link)

A way of strengthening our self-esteem, relationships and compassion. (Kindness link)

A sense of being satisfied and at peace.

A will to question, probe and explore; to be curious.

A deep inbuilt desire to do the right thing. (Wisdom, Responsibility and Kindness link)


Many of these are shown through the actions of the Good Samaritan.

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