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Church of England Primary School

Small school, big hearts. Wise, Responsible and Kind like the Good Samaritan.

Small school, big hearts.

Wise, responsible and kind like the Good Samaritan. Luke 10 25:37


"Pupils develop wisdom and curiosity by probing different ideas and beliefs regularly. They learn about global and local issues. Pupils have a strong understanding of diversity, equality and human rights, preparing them well for future life." (Ofsted 2022).


‘This is an excellent school. We feel very lucky that our child attends this school. They are focused not only on their academic achievements but also on pupils’ social and emotional well-being.’ (Parent view).

Our School Prayer 


Dear God

Be with us in our school today

In our work and in our play

Be in our hearts, be in our minds

In all we do and say.

Teach us how to grow in love

Each and every day.


Our Vision

Our vision is to nurture unique individuals who are outstanding learners, demonstrating wisdom, responsibility and kindness within their communities.  Using the Good Samaritan as our role model, we know that loving others as we would want to be loved is upmost for happy, healthy lives.



Wise - we think wisely and are committed to learning. We relish and retain knowledge and value high standards. We have high expectations, high aspirations and enjoy challenge. Like the wise man who built his house upon the rocks (Matthew 7.24-27), we think creatively and use learning to make good decisions. We have firm foundations for our lives.


Responsible – we are responsible for ourselves – our well-being, our behaviour and our learning.  We strive to be the best people we can be and the best person for others. We have a responsibility to others inside and out of school and at times need to be patient, tolerant and courageous in demonstrating this. As Noah had the courage and faith to step up when God asked him to (Genesis 6.14-7.5), so must we. We are a school family whose strength is in our ability to work together.  We know that perseverance and hard work will bring reward and that resilience is about coping with challenges positively.


Kind - we are kind. Through support, nurture and understanding we all flourish. Each one of us is unique – on the outside and inside. We value diversity and respect difference. There are hundreds and thousands, millions of us but God knows everyone and God knows me! (Luke 12.6-7)


Our Prayer Space

What does spirituality mean at Buckland School?


Through our daily lives together and our explicit and implicit curriculum, we endeavour to develop the spirituality of our pupils and staff. We see this as:


A sense of inner peace, self-knowledge and acceptance, loving ourselves. (Self)

A way of strengthening our relationships and showing compassion and empathy. (Others)

A sense of awe and wonder at the universe, and the world around us. (The world)

A sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. (Beyond / God / The Divine)

Fruits of the Spirit

Please enjoy the recorded assemblies available on the Class Pages

SIAMS Inspection


In May 2023 we had our school church inspection where we were delighted to receive a rating of 'excellent'.  


'Care, connectedness and community characterise Buckland. This excellent Church school is a Good Samaritan to others and a living testament to its Christian foundations.'