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Church of England Primary School

Small school, big hearts. Wise, Responsible and Kind like the Good Samaritan.

Raising Achievement Plan (RAP)


Every year, we use our school self- evaluation to help identify the priorities for school development during the coming year. These are organised into the 4 key areas of: Outcomes for Children and Learners; Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment; Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare and Effectiveness of Leadership and Management. In 2021-22 our priorities are:

The aims of our plan for this year are built on the following premises:

  • All children and adults are able to thrive in a supportive environment in which emotional needs and well-being are put first.
  • Core learning must “stick” so that children can make progress in all subjects across year groups with a particular focus on the foundation subjects.
  • Those who find it harder to learn are identified and given the right resources and support to make the best progress they can.
  • Being wise, responsible and kind is embedded in daily life for everyone in the community.

Quality of Education

  • Ensure subject leaders, teachers and pupils have a good understanding of key knowledge that comes before and after in each area of the curriculum. 
  • Ensure assessment in the foundation subjects supports pupil progress. 
  • Ensure Y2 children make increased progress in core areas.
  • Ensure SEND children make excellent progress. 

Behaviour and attitudes

  • Ensure the behaviour of the most complex need children is well supported so that they make progress in this area 
  • Establish a new behaviour policy which is based on our values: be wise, be responsible, be kind.


Personal Development

  • Ensure children are embraced for their uniqueness and all understand individual differences are a strength. 
  • To gain a silver Rights Respecting Schools award by supporting children to embed their understanding of the articles in personal, school, local, national and world terms. 
  • For children to understand the trinity of intelligences – IQ, EQ and SQ and embrace the value of each one. 
  • For children to be self-aware, recognise when they need help, how to talk about this and what can help them.


Leadership and Management

  • Prepare for and manage external accountability measures. 
  • Ensure staff well-being is high, all staff are empowered to feel capable, autonomous and connected and can enjoy their roles. 
  • Rebuild highly positive reputation with all stakeholders following impact of Covid.