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Once upon a time, Year 5 went on an adventure to Forest School.


On the first day, We played fun games to build teamwork. We played hide and seek in the forest, with the children hiding first and then it was the turn of the adults to have their revenge! Then we tried jumping rope in two teams of seven children. On paper, the game seemed great, but soon we discovered that jumping rope with wellies is pretty difficult and not so fun. Then we played "Don't Wake the Forest Monster" and "Running Dragons".


After that, they got creative and built dens in the forest using natural resources, strings, ropes, and tarpaulin. Different groups created very different shelters with their own specificity. One of the groups did an amazing recycling work; it's unimaginable all the abandoned objects we can find in the forest. Some dens were really fancy, with different rooms and even a garage! Some children pretended to make nettle tea, adding to the fun. One group even built their den by the stream. Everyone loved getting muddy while building and playing.


During day 2, it rained a lot, but the children didn't mind. They were still excited to go back to the muddy forest. They couldn't wait to get back next to the stream and explore. Some children dipped their nets in the water, but they didn't find many creatures. Maybe the big boots scared them away!

They warmed up by the fire and baked ash bread on sticks, which was delicious! They made their cooking sticks with potato peelers. Some children even made magic wands and tools using knives safely, which required a lot of focus.

During lunch, the children organized a game of Chinese whispers all by themselves. It was so nice to see everyone naturally included. After lunch, they roasted marshmallows on the fire. Luckily, the rain stopped, so they could climb trees and play games like cops and robbers.


Before we knew it, it was time to go back to school. A huge thank you to Mrs. Campbell, Mr. Jackson, and Mrs. Scrivens for making the adventure possible! Please have a look below at the pictures relating our adventure!