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Ogden science competition 2024

Science aims to give all children a strong understanding of the world around them. They are able to discover how the world works and our place, impact, roles and responsibilities within our environment. Our children are encouraged to ask questions and apply their scientific skills and knowledge to investigate and find answers. The children are able to develop a systematic and logical way of working and are able to reflect on investigations to develop knowledge and gain informative answers. Science allows children to be inquisitive in a safe environment. It will help develop confident, articulate and investigative learners. 


Summer holiday investigating - try some of these easy but fascinating experiments including making a rocket mouse! Follow the link below:


Abingdon Boys school has got some great projects, lessons and activities that you might what to try out.

Follow the link here:

Why not grow a rainbow?

Can you make a leakproof bag?

Do you want to make your own lava lamp?

How about testing out invisible ink?

Could you grow your own crystals?