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In science, during term 3, we have been learning about electricity. We have learnt what electricity is, what it is used for and how to stay safe around electricity. During today's lesson (Wednesday 31st January), we explored simple circuits. The children were introduced to the components of simple circuits and then sent off with the challenge to make their bulb light up. There were lots of excited calls of: 'We did it!' when they had worked out how to create a complete circuit. They were then challenged to see how to add more compnents -  switches, buzzers and motors. We had a brilliant afternoon exploring what happened to the bulb/s when more than one wire was introduced or more components; how to make a paper fan spin with a motor; how to create a 'break' in the circuit with a switch. The children worked so well together - they asked questions, problem-solved and showed lots of resilience when things didn't quite go to plan. An engaging, active and fun science afternoon - well done Sycamore.